In between | Paromita Dhar


Título | In between

Realizador | Paromita Dhar

Ano | 2015

Duração | 25’45”

Produtor | Carlos Rodriguez

País(es) de produção | Spain

Formato original | HD DSLR

Câmara | Paromita Dhar

Som | Jose Luis Lara

Editor | Gaelle Degallaix

Sinopse | The vibrant city of Madrid holds stories of longing and belonging from Bangladeshi immigrants living there. Set against the culturally textured landscape of the city, the camera will find old memories, lost loves, and hope.Bobby a philosophical singer tells us his stories through the songs he sings. Titly, a young mother, who got married over the telephone, now lives in Madrid and dreams of love and hope. Sattar an airport worker prays for the day he will become a citizen of Spain. And Somon the silent beer seller drives us on the night roads, telling his own story through the curves and bends of the city lights.


Dia 2 de junho: 15h00-17h00 – Auditório da Reitoria da Universidade Coimbra

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