Guru, une famille Hijra | Laurie Colson, Axelle Le Dauphin


Título | Guru, une famille Hijra

Realizador | Laurie Colson, Axelle Le Dauphin

Ano | 2016

Duração | 75′

Produtor | Tarantula Belgique

País(es) de produção | Belgium

Formato original | HD

Câmara | Laurie Colson

Som | Mélodie Wégnez

Editor | Albertine Lastera

Sinopse | We, the hijras, are born neither man neither woman. We are born somewhere in the middle. Our name was already mentioned in Sanskrit texts, more than a thousand years ago. It evoked beauty, bravery, and straightforwardness. I try to act as a good guru towards my daughters, I want to teach them how to live properly. It’s not essential to only seek happiness, one must learn to be respected. If one of my daughters is frightened, I tell her : « we have cut off a part of our body, thus we can live freed from fear when faced to death ». Those who fear don’t survive. Strength is life. In my next life, I want to be born hijra again, so is my wish and God is witness that we are strong people with pure hearts. This is what I believe and what I wish to pass on…


Dia 3 de Junho: 11h00-13h00 – Auditório da Reitoria da Universidade Coimbra

[com a presença do realizador]

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