Gbaya – Beekeeping and Honeyhunting | Martin Gruber

Gbaya still 3

Título | Gbaya – Beekeeping and Honeyhunting

Realizador | Martin Gruber

Ano | 2015

Duração | 44′

Produtor | Martin Gruber

País(es) de produção | Cameroun, Germany

Formato original | HD

Câmara | Martin Gruber

Som | Mazi Sanda

Editor | Martin Gruber

Sinopse | “Gbaya – Beekeeping and honeyhunting” depicts different activities related to traditional beekeeping and honey hunting as practiced amongst the Gbaya in the area of Ngaoundere, Central Cameroon. The film first shows the highly sophisticated construction of a traditional hive by a beekeeper, who later demonstrates the harvest of honey from such a hive in a savannah habitat. The same beekeeper then demonstrates the practise of honey hunting. The film was produced in 2015 by the anthropologist Martin Gruber and the bee biologist Dorothea Brückner, both University of Bremen, in collaboration with members of the University of Ngaoundéré.


Dia 4 de Junho: 11h00-13h00 – Auditório da Reitoria da Universidade Coimbra

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