Call for Papers [EN]

It is now open the call for papers for the 6th Congress of the Portuguese Anthropological Association “Disputed Futures”. Meetings will be held in Coimbra, June 2-4, 2016.


June 2-4, 2016
Coimbra (Portugal)

The upcoming conference of the Portuguese Anthropological Association continues the debate about the worlds we inhabit, create and differentiate. Knowledge about its pluralities has guided the discipline for over one hundred years, in ever new and unexpected scenarios. Anthropology faces new challenges in the contemporary context of an anthropocene (or in its most radical version, capitolocene) and its uncertain responsibilities on the collective fate of humans and nonhumans. While governments and political actors favor macroscopic knowledge supported on statistics and normative analytical frameworks, we respond with what we learn in ethnography and anthropology: a knowledge closer to the lived experience and one that pays attention to the voices, bodies, desires, subjectivities, communities, identities, anxieties about the past, present and near future, unsatisfied by large-scope ideological narratives. We ask everybody  — practicing anthropologists, academics,  students and other engaged individuals — for a contribution on this broad debate and reflection about the contemporary world and its possible futures.


The list of all selected panels is published at the congress website: since October 27.

To submit a paper proposal to the 6th APA congress, you should choose from the above list of panels the more adequate for your paper proposal. You should then get in touch directly with the panel(s) convenor(s) using the email address(es) provided in the detailed information of each panel.

All paper proposals must include:

  • name(s), e-mail adress(es) and institutional affiliation(s) of the proponent(s);
  • title of the paper;
  • short abstract (50 words);
  • long abstract (250 words).

Each paper may have one or two proponents. Each person may present only one paper to the congress, but may also be discussant or panel coordinator.

[updated: 17.12.2015]  Proponents may still submit paper proposals to more than one panel. If more than one proposal is approved, proponents should wait for the feedback of the Scientific Committee regarding the possibility of presenting all those approved

[updated: 17.12.2015]  Panel coordinators can present one paper to the congress under the panel they coordinate, but may additionally present a second paper to the congress under a second panel. 

The deadline for submitting a paper proposal is December 15th, 2015.

[updated: 13.12.2015]

The deadline for submitting a paper proposal is extended until December 31th, 2015.